No PS3 Woes Here…

In light of the issues with the PS3 and Gamestop/EB Games getting less than fewer numbers than expected, I was a bit concerned about being about get a PS3 on release day.  Thankfully, today I got the call that I’m in the alloted numbers, so I’ll have my PS3 by Friday, which is rather good news.

Also picked up the first batch of PS3/Wii games, which includes Resistance: Fall of Man (PS3), Genji: Days of the Blade (PS3), Trauma Center: Second Opinion (Wii), and Red Steel (Wii), leaving me Zelda and Monkey Ball to get for the Wii (which is from Amazon, so I’m hoping they ship before the weekend, but at least I should have that before Thanksgiving.

PS3 – More fun launch day issues

Gamestop and EBGames cannot expect to meet even reduced numbers for first day PS3 pre-orders

Looks like Sony can’t even make 400k units by launch date, which is really sad.  From 2 million at launch mid-summer to this, Sony is doing a great job of this entire launch.

Unfortunately for me, I’m #9 of 16 at my store, so I expect not to be so lucky on the cutback lottery.  However, I consider the fact that at launch, there’s really only one good PS3 game (Resistance: Fall of Man), and that the Wii’s out within a few days after that, plus the number of other games that came out within the last couple of weeks.  Basically, I’ll be elated if I still have it by Friday, but won’t be as angry as I’ve seen some people already around the net.

Help appreciated

I’ve noticed some of the comments on this blog back posted at Shacknews, and I would definitely appreciate any help and suggestions for the appearence and other functionality for this.

Right now I’m on travel, so yay – it’s the Portable edition for a while!

Gaming on a daily basis

Those that know me from Shacknews know that I play a LOT of games. And I mean a LOT.

While I will usually review all the games that I play, I generally jump around a lot unless a game really grabs my attention (such as Okami). I figured that for that end, if I would write down my thoughts on a semi-daily basis for games that I play, I would be better set for making a full review. This, I also think, would help others get an early idea of what the games I play are like, and how I approach games.

My plan is to make sure that I give at least initial impressions, mid-game impressions, and my full reviews (also posted to Shacknews), and anything else I find interesting with the game, particularly if I run into difficult situations. I don’t plan to necessarily do point-by-point aspects, but enough to give readers an idea of how the game is.

I am definitely open to any comments for anything I put here, too, so feel free to do so.