Manhunt (XBX) – Initial Impressions

I had never played Manhunt when it first came out, thinking it was way too violent and gruesome.  Of course, now that I’ve played through much more gruesome games (including the GTA games that followed it), and with pending news that a Manhunt 2 is on the way out, I figured it would be a good idea to play through this as well.

It’s an intersting mix of Thief-like stealth and action.  Unlike Thief, getting caught isn’t the end of the world, as you can easily defend yourself against an attacker, but if you get caught by too many at one time, that’s a bad thing.  Of course, the “thrill” of the game, to speak, is to get the special stealth takedowns using specific weapons as to meet the odd requirements of your benefactor, and using the shadows, tapping on walls, and generally using light and sound effectively can go a long way.  A lot of the elements of GTA games can be found here: item circles for pickups and  the color triangle indicators to show a target’s health.

The game’s seem to have aged well, the engine is obviously last generation but still with enough detail that makes it interesting to work through, along with Rockstar’s signature dark humor.  However, I would have liked to seen more voiceover work for your benefactor when he gives you instructions outside of the controls, just to add some immersion.