PS3 Day 1 – Initial Impressions

Got my PS3 without major incident and set up without major problems. The short USB cord was somewhat of a problem, but it was helpful I had a USB hub as well as a keyboard for entry of all the details for the PS network.

So I had basically the only 3 ‘unique’ games to the PS3 that (to mean) were interesting:

Resistance: Fall of Man – An FPS set in the time frame of WWII, but with a sci-fi bent. The combination of traditional weapons with the sci-fi ones (such as one that you can shoot a tracter shot at a foe, which causes all bullets to home in on that target until it’s down). However, given that Call of Duty 3 and Gears of War just came out, it’s hard to see how unique this game is.

Genji – Days of the Blade – A third-person sword-wielding action game, something like Omishua. Interesting so far, hoping that you get combos later or the like. But nothing seemingly inspired yet.

Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom – Like Genji, though more based on an RPG-type setting from the PSP games. Again, nothing inspired yet, maybe to make up for the lack of a good Japanese RPG-type game for launch.

I also tried a few PS2 games without problems. It’s nice that you can shut down from the controller as well as quit out a game and change games without having to shut down all the way. The interface is nicely like the PSP one, so there’s consistancy there.

I guess I’m excited to get it, though it will only be nicer once I can get my PS1/PS2 games there as to replace my PS2 completely, but maybe I’m also still excited about the Wii (which will be here Monday, but I do have my games for that).