PixelJunk Eden (PSN) – Review

eden-cover PixelJunk Eden is the third game from Q-Games on the PlayStation Network for the PlayStation 3 and is probably the most abstract game of the three.  The game is based on using your “grimp” character to swing on plant to collect pollen, pollinating seeds that will grow into new plants in order to reach the farthest heights of each “garden”.  The core gameplay, visuals, and soundtrack are excellent, though there are a few questionable elements that could have been removed to make the game much tighter, but overall the game is fun and enjoyable.

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Braid (XBLA) – Review

braid-cover Braid is a rather unique puzzler-platform game available through Xbox Live.  While the basic play makes the game look like your typical Mario clone, the bulk of the game is centered around the use of time manipulation and other time-related puzzles in order to collect hard-to-reach puzzles and complete the game.  The game is fantastically presented, and while the unique time-based puzzles are great, there is a very very steep learning curve as well as puzzles that require tight timing and controls in order to complete, and these may make the game too frustrating for those that lack the patience to solve them.  I feel the game could have used just a few more “tutorial” type puzzles which would have smoothed out the difficulty curve and made the game much more accessible.  Still, however, the game is one that should be praised for its distinctive approach.


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