Excite Truck (Wii) – Review

Excite Truck - Cover Excite Truck, developed by Monster Games for the Nintendo Wii launch, is a nice introduction to how the Wii Remote could be used as a virtual steering wheel, and is rather quick and easy to jump into. The game is pretty fun with a nice difficulty level, though lacks other racing innovations and uniqueness to make it a must-have hit. Continue reading

More Wii Launch Titles – First Impressions

Picked up a couple more Wii launch titles after hearing only good things about them.

Rayman: Raving Rabbids (sic) – While within the Rayman universe, this is set up more as a mini/party game as opposed to a platformer that the series was of the past.  It reminds me more like Warioware mini-games, though not at the pace that Warioware worked at.  However, there’s a definite bent of humor in the game, and also makes me excited for both the Wii Warioware and the next Mario Party games using the Wiimote.

ExciteTruck – Maybe not the most realistic racing simulation ever, but I do like the idea of using the remote as a steering wheel, and shows yet another way the remote can be used.   Unfortunately it seems to lack online multiplayer which would have sealed the deal on it being a great game, but still is damn fun.

I am really looking forward to games about 6 to 12 months for the Wii right now, as people learn what and what doesn’t work with the Remote and to see what comes about in terms of even newer gameplay.