No PS3 Woes Here…

In light of the issues with the PS3 and Gamestop/EB Games getting less than fewer numbers than expected, I was a bit concerned about being about get a PS3 on release day.  Thankfully, today I got the call that I’m in the alloted numbers, so I’ll have my PS3 by Friday, which is rather good news.

Also picked up the first batch of PS3/Wii games, which includes Resistance: Fall of Man (PS3), Genji: Days of the Blade (PS3), Trauma Center: Second Opinion (Wii), and Red Steel (Wii), leaving me Zelda and Monkey Ball to get for the Wii (which is from Amazon, so I’m hoping they ship before the weekend, but at least I should have that before Thanksgiving.


2 Responses

  1. Please tell us how Resistance is. Insomniac Games is one of my favorite developers and I really hope that it’s a good game.

  2. Hey we just created a community dedicated to the game. Sign up and tell your friends. It would be greatly appreciated it.

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