Final Fantasy IV Advance (GBA) – ~16hr

So after getting my butt kicked enough times in FF3 for the DS, and with FF5 Advanced in the wings, I took a step back and worked a bit more on FF4 Advanced, and have basically just escaped from the Underworld.

It’s interesting to compare how tough some dungeons are in that you start aching for mana for your white mage and your black mage to deal with flans that otherwise would take an infinite amount of time to kill off, and that there’s no save points until you get right before the boss.  I mean, I know some of the same aspects come in with latter Final Fantasy games, but I never remember being desparately aching for mana to be able to cast even weak healing or elemental spells.  And since ether recovery doesn’t come easily (where I am so far), it’s rather interesting that you really have to learn to conserve mana – sure, you could Blizzara all the foes at once, but it’s cheaper on mana to do a Blizzard one at a time on them, at the cost of having your front-line fighters take more damage.  Again, I never recall having to think about these things with the latter FF games.

However, hopefully these lessons will help when I go back to FF3 since I think those same aspects can help me last a bit longer there.