Lunar Knights (NDS) – Initial Impressions

I’m one of those that listens to subtle internet rumors on games, particularly ones for portable systems, and heard that Lunar Knights might be one of the better RPGs for the system in a while (add to the fact that the Metal Gear Solid team is behind it), so I picked it up, and definitely not disappointed.

First, the game actually sounds like one of the best DS titles, effectively using the surround stereo mode for music and minimal, but sufficient, voice clips for the characters. That’s always something to appricate for a system where voicework tends to be ignored due to the medium limitations.

The game itself is an action-RPG, more comparible to western RPGs like Neverwinter Nights or even to Zelda only in the sense that you have no distinction between explore and battle mode. You can sword swing, block, enter a powerful Trance mode, and more. There’s still very standard jRPG elements, which include weapon synthesis, a magic system, effects of night and day AND weather, and more. There’s a good bit of subtle humor among the story too, though certainly it’s too early to determine how it will all work out.