Gaming on a daily basis

Those that know me from Shacknews know that I play a LOT of games. And I mean a LOT.

While I will usually review all the games that I play, I generally jump around a lot unless a game really grabs my attention (such as Okami). I figured that for that end, if I would write down my thoughts on a semi-daily basis for games that I play, I would be better set for making a full review. This, I also think, would help others get an early idea of what the games I play are like, and how I approach games.

My plan is to make sure that I give at least initial impressions, mid-game impressions, and my full reviews (also posted to Shacknews), and anything else I find interesting with the game, particularly if I run into difficult situations. I don’t plan to necessarily do point-by-point aspects, but enough to give readers an idea of how the game is.

I am definitely open to any comments for anything I put here, too, so feel free to do so.


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