PS3 – More fun launch day issues

Gamestop and EBGames cannot expect to meet even reduced numbers for first day PS3 pre-orders

Looks like Sony can’t even make 400k units by launch date, which is really sad.  From 2 million at launch mid-summer to this, Sony is doing a great job of this entire launch.

Unfortunately for me, I’m #9 of 16 at my store, so I expect not to be so lucky on the cutback lottery.  However, I consider the fact that at launch, there’s really only one good PS3 game (Resistance: Fall of Man), and that the Wii’s out within a few days after that, plus the number of other games that came out within the last couple of weeks.  Basically, I’ll be elated if I still have it by Friday, but won’t be as angry as I’ve seen some people already around the net.


2 Responses

  1. Eh, even if you don’t score one on launch, you know it won’t take too terribly long to pick one up in a store. Snagging stuff at launch is never really a good idea anyway since you’re always left waiting for the slow release of games for the first few months (painful lesson learned with the Saturn, N64, and PS2).

    I’m a bit iffy on Resistance…word of mouth has been hit n’ miss even though the reviews have been pretty glowing and it’s from a developer I love. At the same time, I’m thinking Genji might be my cup of tea despite the lukewarm reception it’s getting…though I’ll have to put some time into the PS2 Genji game first and make sure it’s my thing. Most reviews seem to shit on it on the basis that it’s a beat em up and not much else. (OMG NOT NEXT GEN ENOUGH)

    We’ll see! (p.s. I’m still bummed that the PS3 backwards compatibility isn’t region free whereas the PS3 games are currently region free. That is teh lame)

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