Sonic The Hedgehog (PS3) – Initial Impressions

Well, let’s say, it’s a Sonic game (more in line with Sonic Adventures as you have a main area where you talk to people and get your missions), but… the graphical power is rather unimpressive (there’s non-negliable slow down in parts of the main area!)

Add to the fact that when you are actually running fast, it doesn’t feel like you’re running fast — certainly not the same impression I got from the past 3D Sonic games.  A few of the other ‘standard’ moves feel off as well, and camera control also seems to have some of the same problems as well.

Worst, when you get a chance to play as Tails, it’s completely changed from past games – Tails can’t spin attack but instead, ahem, “lays” egg bombs that he then throws at foes.  It feels completely wrong from what I’d expect.

The promise of the final boss character hinted at the opening cinematics seems something similar to the final Chaos form from Sonic Adventure 1, but don’t know if that type of payoff will occur yet in the game.