Elebits (Wii) – Review

Elebits CoverElebits, produced by Konami for the Nintendo Wii, is a game that sounds great on paper and actually plays well initially, and almost has the feel of being the Katamari Damacy for the Wii. However, the game is spoiled by having highly repetitive gameplay and a graphics and physics engine that bog down the Wii (at least for myself) that makes the overall experience, after working through the last 1/3rd of the game, to be very disappointing and making the game a rather weak one, though one that still tries to offer a lot of replay value.

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Elebits (Wii) – ~8hr

Well, initially the game is fun, but there is definitely a point where it becomes tedious, even though the venues and challenges change, which is something that never happened really with Katamari Damacy.   It could be the fact that the venues become much larger (where I’m at, I’m looking about town for the Elebits, which remain the same size, but now exist in a much larger world), or that I just got through the somewhat annoying zero gravity levels that include a breakage limit – again, initially cool, you quickly realize how gentle you have to be when manipulating objects which sometimes is not the easiest to do with the Wiimote.  (The remote in this game does work in three dimensions – you can push the object by moving the wiimote in any direction including into/out of the screen for forward/backwards movement, and twist the object along the axis from the TV by turning the remote in your hand.  This only gives you 3 directions of movement despite having 1 direction for rotation, so if you need to rotate the object in a different direction, you have to move yourself to do that.)    I’ve also hit several points where the game speed takes a huge hit due to either or both the level size and number of objects on the level; it could also be the physics engine taking up too much time with the game.  While the objects are not high 3D models, they aren’t as simple as KD’s models, and given that the Wii is not a powerhouse, it definitely shows up as lost FPS and doggy controls.

It’s still a fun, unique game, but quickly running into this issue feeling like I’m doing the same stuff over and over and in some cases working just a bit too much for a game.

Elebits (Wii) – Initial Impressions

Elebits may be the Katamari Damacy for the Wii – the type of game that offers unique gameplay (above and beyond the Wii’s control scheme), though it doesn’t have a the quirkyness factor that partially made KD what it is.

Concept is that creatures called Elebits (about the size of tennis balls) hide about a room, some in plain sight, some in closets, drawers, and the like, and some under objects. You use a capture gun to catch these to gain Watts from them, and to lift objects (depending on the power of the gun) to reveal the hidden ones. Once you get enough Watts you can open doors to new areas, or activate appliances that release special power Elebits that can strengthen the power of your capture gun, letting you lift heavier objects. Each level has a total wattage goal you need to achieve in a given time limit, but some levels also include restrictions on how many objects you can break, and how loud you can be as you whip objects about the room. This slow progression of obstacles becoming movable objects reminds me very much of Katamari Damacy, and given that there are special Elebits about each level similar to the King’s gifts, there’s several other similarities. The physics are pretty good too – once you clear a level you can create your own level using objects, almost in a Garry’s Mod approach, and you can set up domino chains and precarious towers. The controls are pretty good, as it does use all 3 dimensions on the Wiimote for manipulating objects.

The only thing I see being more a pain than enjoyable is the break/sound limits on some levels. This is almost comparible to the cow or bear levels for Katamari, in that you may not be aware that something you just did ended the level.