Lost Planet: Extreme Condition (360) – Review

Lost Planet - Cover Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, produced by Capcom for the 360, was a highly anticipated title, due to two relatively new concepts: a world based on snow and ice, and the use of mechanical suits in addition to typical gameplay aspects. Unfortunately, the overall single player game really lacks any meat or challenging gameplay, leaving this title to mostly as a somewhat unique multiplayer game, but otherwise a lackluster title. Continue reading

Lost Planet: Extreme Conditions (360) – Initial Impressions

Well, while the multiplayer for those appears to be good, I’m very underwhelmed with the single player game.  The background of the story seems interesting (people defending themselves from hostile aliens on a chilling cold, snow-covered planet) though we just had that same story effectively from Gears of War, but the in-game presentation of the story is lacking, so far.  While the game does combine, moreso than Halo, the combination of on-foot and mech use in fighting the alien foes, there’s nothing yet drastically new with the game, plus the graphics seem less than stellar when things get a bit hectic on screen.

The multiplayer looks good, however, with a few new modes that aren’t normally in other multiplayer games, though I’ve only tried a couple matches so far.