Yoshi’s Island DS – ~5hr

So far most of the game is good, classic nod back to the original Yoshi’s.

However, I just hit a level mid-4th  world that features ice floors (so you slip easily), narrow ledges over bottomless pits, and worse, bouncing balls that can hit and knock you back that bounce uncontrollably about the stage.

I lost 35 lives on this level.  How incredibly insane.  Two of three of these at a time is ok, but all 3 together really make this part really poorly designed for a Ninento platformer.   Everything else about this game is great, but this one level ticks me off.

Yoshi’s Island DS (NDS) – Initial Impressions

Well, no complaints here – they took the same basic forumla from the first Yoshi’s Island, including the style of graphics and the approach to scoring each stage, add in a few more twists (such as the ability to change ‘babies’ which can affect parts of the level you can reach), and you have a great game already.  It uses the two screens like in Sonic Rush – the level’s shown across both though you can control if you want to see higher or lower than where you are presently.  Have yet to use the touch screen for anything, but I don’t expect that from a platformer necessarily.