Every Extend Extra (PSP) – Initial Impressions

The little freeware game Every Extend gets a port by Q Entertainment (the same people that made Lumines and Meteos) into a nice little game that works well on the PSP.  If you’ve not played the original (free to download from the above link), the idea is that you beat the game by blowing your ship up as to create chain reactions of the various objects that fly across the screen; you each more ships with more points, so you always have to be looking for large combos to score with.  The play in EEE is little different, but now they’ve added ‘drives’ similar to Lumines’ skins with music (and game play tied to the music like from Rez) and graphics to keep each level fresh.  It works fine with the PSP controls.  It’s a nice change of pace from the usual PSP fare.