Final Fantasy III (NDS) – Initial Impressions

FFIII is one of those I’ve not played (To wit: I’ve completed FFI and II via the Dawn of Soul advance, working on FFIV through GBA, completed FFVII and it’s Dirge of Cerberus, FFX, and FFX-2, as well as a good way through FFTA), though I know they’ve taken the usual sprite based graphics and made the game into a simplified 3D representation (much like the 3D recreations of Nethack) but keeping the gameplay the same.  It’s easy to tell that the dungeons are based on a 2D sprite map, but at the same time, they’ve done a good job to give it a unique feel. 

My only nit so far is that the character animations take a bit of time to complete, and you can’t easily skip the battle win scene.  Of course, I’ve only just made it to the first town, and if I’ve heard correctly, there’s a few difficult parts if one’s not prepared this early.