Odin Sphere (PS2) – Initial Impressions

Atlus has been known to make some of the more interesting games in terms of mechanics (examples include Disgaia and Trauma Center), so whenever they do come out with a new game, typically people will take notice. Odin Sphere already has a couple of things going for it: the artwork is simply amazing – it’s based on bright colorful 2D sprites that look more out of a watercolor than a computer screen.  The gameplay is definitely interesting.  Battle is done real time on a map that’s like “Defender” but easier to think of as a roundabout/traffic circle in 2D, that you can move around quickly.  There’s some strange aspects of combat and leveling up that I’m still trying to figure out, but there are additional features like Alchemy that you learn as you go along.  A chapter in the game consists of clearing all of these “traffic circles”  (10 or so) and defeating bosses.

The sad part is that there are parts of this game that remind me of a failed Square Enix title, “Unlimited Saga”, in the presentation (as if a watercolor), and jumping from field to field.  Of course, combat is much more different, and there were aspects of USaga that were just nearly impossible to figure out without spending a lot of time in the manual.  So Odin Sphere definitely has a leg up.

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