.hack//G.U. Volume 2 (PS2) – Mid-game Thoughts (~17hr)

Not much to say on this right now beyond the fact that I’m burning through this – the gameplay is not hard at all except that you just need to make sure that you have a healer with a lot of spell point revival items along for the ride.

I’m also finding what is sort of annoying me about the story with this one.  Specifically, there’s basically three different plots with some intermeshing between them due to the AIDA infection: one is the two “bumbling idiots” that seem more oblivious to the overall problems with “The World R:2” and want to keep playing the game, another is the GU team with Kuhn and Pi to take care of the AIDA infection, and the third is the Atoli story which involves the player tournaments.  Basically, each ‘mission’ seems to switch between these, some forgotten for several missions, which makes the whole thing right now disjointed.   I’m expecting that there will be a tie-up of these by the third volume, but right now, it’s very soap-opera-ish.

I will also say that I think after all three volumes are said and done, this is a game that could have been shipped as a single 2-disc set (size for voice acting and CGI moives), because the gameplay doesn’t warrant the size.  The full set may end up being a 75hr game, but compared to other games boasting 80+ hrs of gameplay, that’s nothing.

But, if you’re going to play this without playing the first volume of the GU series, bad idea.  It also helps to have played the first series.  The anime series, at least, is optional.

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