Rogue Galaxy (PS2) – Initial Impressions (Again)

So on my personal vow to not run multiple console RPGs at the same time to avoid losing the plot and the like, I’ve now restarted Rogue Galaxy after completing Tales of the Abyss.

I still like most of the basic character growth concept; the Revelations chart (allowing you to unlock new active and passive abilities by finding items to fit into the chart) definitely feels like something from Level5’s previous “Dark Cloud” games, and actually much of the game does feel like they build on the Dark Cloud 2 engine using Bird Studios (DBZ, Dragon Quest 8) skins.  The object synthesis approach is also good.

However, the game gets quickly difficult about the 3rd level (the prison on the large spaceport for those that might have played it).  You really have to manage your characters outside of battle, making sure to up their weapons and complete their Revelations whenever it is possible.  Despite practicing to block to avoid damage, I find I’m going through health items like they were cheap, which, relative to the game, they really aren’t, though they are plenty from chests and shops.  One benefit, however, is that while you progress in these rather large dungeons, the monsters all stay the same with the same amount of hit points and the like.  Thus, while you may have problems when you initially enter an area, you can get to a point where completing the battles (which happen as random encounters in real time as you explore) is much easier and you can spend a bit more time to make sure you’re finishing the battles without too much difficulty before leaving the level or facing a final boss, if there is one.

However, the game does use a lot of repetitive graphics in the various areas.  It does get dull after a while to look at.

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