Earth Defense Force 2017 (360) – Initial Impressions

This game definitely falls under what I would call “stupid fun”.

Story is simple stupid: aliens have come to invade earth and it’s your job to try to stop it as part of Earth Defense Force.

Gameplay is a basic third-person shooter in a rather fragile city and other environs, generic enough that it doesn’t matter too much about the layout or simplicity or repetition, just that it works fine. Just that, as opposed to most shooters, you’re faced with a boat load of enemies at any time (think “Starship Troopers” and you’re probably right on the ball with the numbers that you’re facing). The basic foes go down easily but some take a lot more work. You can get more weapons and armor by picking up drops from both friendly help that has fallen as well as the foes, and the variation in weapons along with the increasing size of the foes you face (including giant walking fortresses, for example), make this just a pure adrenalin game that’s easy to jump into and take a bit at a time.

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