Enchanted Arms (360) – Mid-game Thoughts (~20hr/60%)

So I’ve put a good chunk of time into Enchanted Arms over the weekend (broke 10,000 Gamerpoints with it, woo!)

I will say that without knowing how the game lets you improve your skills, the skill/battle system seems awfully random.  However, once I recognized that nearly every skill has a progressively better one that the character will eventually require (“standard”, “High”, and “Mega”, so far) similar to the progression for magic spells in Final Fantasy, and that the levels doesn’t change the location or range of the attack, just the power of the attack, it made chosing which 5 skills to carry along rather easy save in a few cases where you need to opt for a healing/support skill over another attack-type skill with a different target range as the others.

Once I got used to that, nearly every battle that I was in, I just let the computer perform the AI on it, save for boss battles and some of the more difficult random encounters.   And I only had to spend a few minutes leveling up only to get enough cash to get health regeneration for a tough boss battle.

The story does get somewhat better after you get past the first 5 or so hours; it’s still not a Final Fantasy quality story, but there’s a bit more depth to the characters and what’s going on in the world.