Cooking Mama Cook Off (Wii) – Initial Impressions

Given how simplistic, yet unique that the Cooking Mama DS game was, I was looking forward to this, particularly with the Wii control system.

The game’s setup is pretty much the same as the DS game: you work aside “Mama” to prep recipes for various dishes, doing many of the food preparation tasks to assemble the meal.  Most steps are based on time as well as some efficiency quality (such as not breaking too many eggs or not burning some ingredients when stir-frying).  Of course, on the Wii, the remote is used to approximate the actions as you would in a real kitchen, and most of them are pretty straight forward.  One annoying one is presently peeling of vegatables – while you do have a pointer on the screen, the peeling motion is based on if you actually peel downward, and this is definitely my weakest ‘skill’ yet.  But there’s a few others that seem a bit touchy as to the motions (like stirring a pot) but this could just be getting use to the controls.

The rest of the game is as you’d expect for improving a DS game onto the Wii — except for the weird voice that “Mama” gains with a strong Japanese accent though speaking English.  Certainly given that the game seems more based on a Japanese household, that’s fine, but I would think with an English release, localization of the game would have been much easier, and that basically means a more English/American voice for “Mama”.

There’s 55 recipes in this game to perfect, and it looks like getting gold earns you things to decorate a 3D kitchen with.  There’s also the multiplayer (on the same console) that I’ve yet to try.

2 Responses

  1. could you please tell me how to set up the multiplayer game. we can not get the second controller “installed” or whatever to get two player challenge!

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