God of War 2 (PS2) – Initial Impressions (~5hr)

I guess it does help that the demo disk is basically the immediate start to the game, maybe toned up a little. Some of the problems that I noted from the demo actually disappear shortly after the demo ends.

Not going too much down the spoiler path, but it helps to note that God of War 2 starts shortly after the events of God of War 1, in that Kratos is fully powered up and thus seems unstoppable. This is true through the demo and about 2 more ‘scenes’ after it, but shortly after that , the plot basically strips Kratos of all his power (a fair way to complete reset the character’s strength) so now you have to build up all those power again. This helps reduce the issues with repetition because a lot of the bestiary requires more than just quick attacks to defeat.

The scale of action in the demo is impressive, but gets even better when you get out from that first segment. For example, at some point you need to platform around a giant ice titan to take out its eyes, or even 4 huge steeds that drag an island towards jumping reach for you. And as with the first, the game rarely blinks in terms of graphics output and naught a loading screen save after you die and have to restart.

There’s definitely a lot more to be said on using techniques to take down bosses. Blocking becomes more important than it was in the first, as well as dodging and knowing the differences in the timings of your various attacks. There’s also a bunch of new weapons that you gain instead of just reusing the same powers. There’s also a dash of Prince of Persia: Sands of Time in that you have a power that slows down time, useful both in battle and puzzle solving.

I still can only take the game a few hours at a time, as there’s just enough need to button mash to make my hands tired after a while. However, this is definitely looking to better it’s predecessor quite well at the pace it’s going.

(And widescreen and progressive scan really do help, though as noted elsewhere, you’re only going to get 480p from the game on the ps3 as opposed to the rumored 720p that may have been said).


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