God of War II (PS2, demo) – Initial Impressions

I was able to get a copy of the God Of War II demo disk (available at most EB/Gamestop locations if you ask nicely).

It’s about a good 30 minutes of play including what appears to be a start of a boss battle, but includes the basic platforming elements and so forth.  It’s all well and good, and looks fine (the menu seems to allow both widescreen and progressive scan support, but I didn’t notice a difference, and I don’t know if that’s a limitation of the demo or just the limitation of the PS2 (note, playing through my PS3).

However, my consider is that while it is more of what made the first God of War great, it, so far, is basically just that – more of what God of War was.   Even after 30 minutes, my fingers were tired from the repetitive button mashing for the main melee attacks.  I haven’t caught anything significantly new yet (thus, there may be better attacks and magic one can use later in the game as you are limited to just a few in the demo.    But, I don’t know, maybe I was hoping for a little more variety in gameplay as, while there is story, it’s not critical to progressing forward in the game.  Maybe there is, but I would think that as a demo, you’d want to make sure the player gets a taste of that.  Instead you start with what appears to be the first part of the game, and thus you’re doing all the basic stuff.

(And those that may have seen a certain minigame in action in video around the net, well, you’ll find the area where that takes place in the demo, but apparently that part’s not in it, maybe as to keep the demo ‘clean’ (my copy says RP: Rating Pending, but I’m certain that minigame would have easily made it M by itself).

I’m still looking forward to the game, but I really hope it isn’t just the rehash that I saw in the current demo.