Crackdown (360) – Initial Impressions

Finally, a game that’s just stupid fun, with jump-right-in type approachs for the 360 (more so than Saints Row).  Take your open world of GTA, the complete chaos that occurred in the otherwise dismal State of Emergancy, and you get Crackdown.

The player is overpowered (though I’m playing on the easiest, default setting), but not so much to make it a cakewalk.  But as soon as you start earning the skill levels and getting even more powered, the game becomes, again, stupid fun.  Sure, there’s missions and side events, but just wandering the city on foot looking for the HUNDREDS of bonus orbs seems like a great way to waste an hour of so if you need it.

Of course, this is only an hour of so of play time, so the question of easiness and repetition remain.  Hopefully there will be at least some challenge from the AI down the road.

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