Rogue Galaxy (PS2) – Initial Impressions

Oh, I didn’t even realize this was a Level 5 game (past achievements include both Dark Clouds and Dragon Quest 8) until I got home with it, and their past work definitely shows.

I haven’t unlocked all the mechanics yet, but there’s a definite Dark Cloud aspect where as you collect unique items, you can unlock new skills on a “Revelations” chart unique for each character, and this is definitely not linear.  The combat is real-time with a resonably new aspect that you can only fight or perform actions while you have points to do so (similar to the fatigue aspect of Star Ocean 3), though you can instantly recover by successfully blocking.

The approach to the art is instantly recognizable as the same cel-like approach from DQ8 (just not using Bird Studio art).  Story seems good so far, but it’s been only an hour or so into it.  But otherwise this is looking good as a starting point.

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