Just Cause (360) – ~5hr

Going back through some games that came out during the fall rush of releases.

Just Cause can simply be put as, specifically, GTA:SA taking place in a tropical island.  The goal is to try to overthrow the persons in power, and as such, the island is divided into several zones (like the first city in SA).  There’s settlements in each area that you can raid and take over with the help of “La Resistance” and other people that want to see a coup on the island, and when you take over and do enough side missions, you gain bases there.  There’s lots of side missions, but most tend to end being “go to this checkpoint and then this one”.  There’s also the main story missions that also grant you more safe houses and equipment to use.

The game improves on some of the GTA issues, not as well as Saints Row did, but enough to be given a nod to.  By far, the hardest part of the game is the fact that this is a tropical island, with dorment volcanoes and extremely hilly and forested terrain, so getting from point A to point B is rarely a straight line.  But, you can do stunts (drive a car over a cliff and then parachute out safely, or jump from car to car).  However, so far, it is rather repetitative and with the terrain being hard to navigate, it can get frustrating pretty fast.   It’s hard to tell how deep this game is, there are a lot of side missions but no percentage indicator, the only thing I can really go by is territory control, which I would estimate me to be at 15% then.

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