Sam and Max Season One: Episode 3 (PC) – Review

Pretty much like the last episode, there’s really nothing wrong with the game from all the usual standpoints, but it’s not very long – it just takes less than 2 hours to complete.

I think I figured out the key problem with the game – it’s the fact that by dividing up a game the length of the original Sam and Max Hit the Road into 6 parts, you still get the same amount of gameplay, but because you have to limit a puzzle’s span to within 1/6th of the game, you don’t get any really long puzzles that would exist in a full game. While I could see them putting puzzles that span episodes, the game would be a bit harder given the release schedule (you may likely have to go back to play previous episodes if you forget the details of them in order to solve the puzzle).

The linking aspect of the episodes are pretty good, and while having more Sam and Max (even any adventure game) is good, I’m wondering how appropriate the episodic nature really is.

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