Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom (PS3) ~ 10hr

Man, this game is a button-mashing fest.  There’s almost no skill in it, yet, beyond making sure to upgrade your armor at save points.  Plus for a PS3 game, the camera control is poor and the graphics are rather bland.   I have a hard time classify this even as an RPG despite it having some elements.  Mind you, I am finding I’m to a point I need to use magic a bit more, but still, it just feels like a quickly done buttonmashing game.  And while I’ve got but not finished the previous Untold Legends for the PSP, I know the style is very different there, and I think I preferred that more to the PS3 version.

Excite Truck (Wii) – Review

Excite Truck - Cover Excite Truck, developed by Monster Games for the Nintendo Wii launch, is a nice introduction to how the Wii Remote could be used as a virtual steering wheel, and is rather quick and easy to jump into. The game is pretty fun with a nice difficulty level, though lacks other racing innovations and uniqueness to make it a must-have hit. Continue reading