Magical Starsign (NDS) – Initial Impressions

I’m only about 2hrs into this, but it’s an interesting JRPG.  The key feature is the magic system – there are 7 types of magic, 5 that form a type of rock-papers-scissors relationship in that one magic is always strong against another type, while weak against a different type, and 2 others that counter each other directly.  Each of your party’s characters (6 total, but where I am there’s only 2) have strengths in one type of magic.  Add to this that as time progresses in the game, 5 planets that power the first 5 magic types move about; when the corresponding planet is a specific zone, that magic becomes very powerful.  There’s also night and day which affects the last two magic types in the same way.  Mind you, no magic seems to be ineffective when it’s not in it’s zone or against a foe that it’s weak against – it’s just not as strong a damaging blow compared to when the magic’s in phase and against an opponent it’s strong against  So you have to actually think about the timing of your battles and who’s best at delivering the right blows, compared to most JRPGs that you can mostly just do melee attacks with the occassional spell to bring down the foes.   Plus, tapping a character at exactly the right time when attacking or defending can help boost the spell or reduce damage (respectively), so a bit of the Mario & Luigi RPG elements are there.

The game seems to have a good sense of humor and doesn’t seem to be written to that low of a common denominator, and the characters seem a bit more than just stereotypes.


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