Phoenix Wright Defends the Wii…

Found the following off of LJ (TracyModo on LJ), on why there must be a Phoenix Wright for the Wii…

Phoenix Wright Defends the Wii, by TracyModo

11 Responses

  1. lol
    did u hear about the news that linerider is coming to the wii and ds.

  2. Great! :>

  3. yea its really awesome, just another fun title to add to the growing list of fantastic wii titles

  4. when they say it’s ove. Essa Morty.

  5. they only wanna do you dir. Vaughan Domitilla.

  6. This is really funny! Love it!

  7. omg dat woz jokes XD


  8. rofl,that was ausome xD.

  9. I do remember looking through something regarding this past month declaring that this has not been the case, simply can not seem to find the web page link.

  10. KKKKKKKKKKKK! Great!

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