Resistance – Fall of Man (PS3) ~5hr

Ok, I’m starting to like this game a bit better, but it still has, as best as I can call it, timing problems.

The story is somewhat engaging – imaging that instead of the Axis starting WWII, that instead some alien parasite took over Russia and much of Eastern Europe, converting humans into their own foot soldiers and trying to take over the rest of the world.   This leads to an interesting mix of architecture of traditional English (UK) cities and alien architecture.

The good: Insomniac Games, known for the weapon-happy Ratchet and Clank series, take just enough of their weapon innovations into R:FoM to make it more than just a normal FPS.  There’s a standard automatic rifle and sniper gun, but when you start getting the alien guns things get interesting.  The first one is called a Bullseye, and while it’s main mode is a more powerful machine gun, it’s secondary lets you fire a tracer, such that, like Zerg’s weapon in the Fifth Element, makes all bullets you fire go to that target until it’s down.  Then there’s the Auger, which allows you to shoot through walls and objects, with the bullet gaining more power the more stuff it passes through.  Add in the Hedgehog grenade (which shoot out high velocity needles when it explodes) and some explodable objects about the levels, and combats just a step above the usual FPS.  The environments are all pretty good too.

The bad: Timing, not so much within the game, but when this game came out relative to a lot of other titles.  The plot details and a lot of the alien architecture feel like Half-Life 2, and battles against alien invaders is done more recently in Gears of War.  While you can use cover and the like, it’s still done much better in games like Gears and Call of Duty 3.   And because the only innovation is really the unique weapons, there’s no much else there after you strip these away.

I know I’m somewhere between a 1/3rd and halfway through the game, so hopefully there’s going to be more weapons and the like, but right now, it’s unfortunate that this game’s release was in the middle of a whole bunch of other games that feel just like it.