The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii) ~20hr

I’m working my way through the 5th dungeon and wondering what feels odd about this Zelda from the others, and I think I’ve got some idea that, while a great game nevertheless, isn’t yet as strong as Orcania of Time:

  • Dungeons are highly linear – not in the sense that it’s just one room after one room, because in many dungeons, you return to the same room several times.  It’s more that when you enter that room, there’s only one exit that you can use, the others out of range or locked.  So the ‘pattern’ as such is that you’d go to the only open door, eventually coming across the key or the new tool that use can use to open another door back in that first room.  In other words, there’s only one obvious way to go when you enter a room, made easier once you have map and compass.  Not that these types of patterns didn’t exist in the other Zelda games, but like in Wind Waker, it seems like there was two or three rooms you could explore, and you go off from the first room to get the key/tool needed to open a door in the second, as to get a key/tool to go back to the first room and deeper down it’s side rooms to find your next obstacle to get around – more back and forth pacing than this linear approach.  Mind, I do say I’m only at the 5th dungeon – there could be one waiting for me like this in the future.
  • Monsters are just not that hard to defeat.  Maybe some of this is because of things like the back slice to slip around behind enemies are optional skills to  pick up.  I couldn’t imagine trying to beat some Knights in Wind Waker without that manuever, while in Twilight Princess, it seems you just have to slice and hack when the opening appears.  But the regular foes are really simple to get around and I’ve yet to have a problem with any boss.
  • The story is mostly linear, and you’re pretty much told the next step you need to do after you complete a prior one.  I’ve yet to be at a loss of what to do after clearing a dungeon because there’s enough clues telling you exactly who to go see or where to travel.

That said, the Wii approach to the game, the integration of the switching between wolf and human forms and the different abilities of each, several of the new tools, and the overall visual appeal of the game really still make this a good title.  It’s just doesn’t seem as challenging as other Zelda games…yet.

2 Responses

  1. I’m at about the same point in the game and agree with you 100%. I’m looking forward to seeing if it gets any less linear.

  2. Linear or non linear, Twilight Princess is the greatest game ever !!!!!!!

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