The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii) – ~12hr

I’m just about to start the third full-fledged dungeon in the game, and the game still amazes me in the level of detail and the like.  They still manage to include all the usual Zelda instruments (the bow and arrow, the boomerang) but make changes to make the slightly different.  I’ve yet to be stimied by anything, but only because the game spends time to hint you though aspects and makes you think of secondary uses for your equipment and the features around the various rooms and landscapes.  I’ve seen people mention how they get stuck in the villiage at the very start, but I think if you can work your way through that and think of the same types of tricks there, you can work your way through most of these dungeons, so far, without too much difficulty.

I also think that having had recently played Okami for the PS2 helped a lot, since the same sort of dual-use puzzle items came up there.  Just knowing what you have in your inventory and thinking a bit laterially helps many times.  Mind you, to this point, the game is mostly straightforward as you unlock more of the world to explore, but I’m expecting, but hopefully not on the same scale, a Tingle-like quest — at least getting from one end to the other is much easier than in Windwaker.

And even though this isn’t the most advanced graphic system, the rendering of the characters is very impressive.  Really, Link and several other characters have really haunting eyes and excellent use of facial expressions that go well with the game.