Tony Hawk Project 8 (360) – ~2hrs

I’m glad to see that there’s (literally) classic Tony Hawk mission modes (the ones that you have to complete SCORE, COMBO, and the like) in the various sections of the town (oh, and yes, no loading screens between sections, but less obvious where the section boundaries are, unlike in American Wasteland).  The new ‘make a trick’ mode is nice if a little difficult to get use to, but it allows you to control how your feet move, and thus how the board spins, in order to make up tricks on the fly.

I had to look around but I was rather surprised to find that Jason Lee in virtual persona was in the game (he was in the skating world before he turned to acting).

I much prefer the general attitude this game has compared to the “lets make chaos” that the last several Tony Hawk games had.  Instead, focusing on you becoming a rising star is a good way to approach a skating game.

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