Gears of War (360) – ~3hr in

(Can’t give a better time estimate, and I know the game’s divided into Acts, but I can’t tell if I’m still in Act 1 or 2. I’m in a chapter called “China Shop” for those that have played it).

I think this is a game like “Killzone” was for me – my initial impression was rather poor, but now that I’ve gotten a few more of the more interesting weapons (the kill-from-above satellite weapon, for example), and with a few more different types of enemies to keep track of, it’s starting to grow on me. I’ve getting used to the cover system and using your team to your advantage, and I think that was keep to getting used to the game and now I can appreciate the story and the graphics, which are, needless to say, stunning.

I’m rather excited to get through this only to see how multiplayer works, as I’ve heard it’s a riot.

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