PS3 – More fun launch day issues

Gamestop and EBGames cannot expect to meet even reduced numbers for first day PS3 pre-orders

Looks like Sony can’t even make 400k units by launch date, which is really sad.  From 2 million at launch mid-summer to this, Sony is doing a great job of this entire launch.

Unfortunately for me, I’m #9 of 16 at my store, so I expect not to be so lucky on the cutback lottery.  However, I consider the fact that at launch, there’s really only one good PS3 game (Resistance: Fall of Man), and that the Wii’s out within a few days after that, plus the number of other games that came out within the last couple of weeks.  Basically, I’ll be elated if I still have it by Friday, but won’t be as angry as I’ve seen some people already around the net.