NFS: Carbon ~ 12% complete

Wow, that quickly degenerated into a mix of every NFS element from previous games into one – which, while not necessarily bad, has yet to make this game unique.  I do like that the police chase elements from NFS: Most Wanted (including being able to knock down environmental elements on top of the pursuit cars to stop the chase), but really, there’s nothing really new beyond having a helper during races to assist at times.   The terrority aspect is just a different way of presenting a race challenge tree for the most part, and certainly not as open as it seemed before.

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  1. Thanks for re-affirming my suspicions. By the way [and I know i’m not the only one to mention this lately], when are EA going to bring back something like Porsche Unleashed? The market seems ripe for something more authentic [with applicable physics and cockpit interiors, etc] yet still fun and over the top, add in the european flair of one of the classic manufacturers like Porsche or Ferrari, and you have a perfect storm of gaming goodness!!!

  2. This game is not necessarily greatly inventive, but I think that all Need for Speed games are unique in their own way. I enjoy the fact that they carry the same characteristics through the series because it allows the player to be able to pick up a new game and immediately play it without having to get a feel for new controls and learning a foreign environment. The thing about Carbon is that it is so fun to play that you just can’t put it down. Re-play factor is okay, but I still like to free roam with my beaten career. Canyon races are fun and the graphics were more “solid” than Most Wanted’s, which I feel are kind of “fuzzy.” The paints and graphics in Carbon are more realistic. The cops’ actions are more realistic. Having trouble beating a race? Don’t worry! Hire a scout and have them win the race for you since they usually blast past everyone else anyway. Not to mention one of my greatest features, the World Map jump feature. If I want a quick race before going to work or heading to an appointment, I can jump to any race using the world map. Now you can choose whether you want to spend time driving to your destinations or simply using it to race. The cars are awesome and I love the challenge that the final racing territory offers (however, all the other territories were totally easy). Music is great, as well. A video game is meant to be fun and relaxing, so enjoy it as it’s presented, because that’s what Carbon has to offer!

  3. It’s not so much Carbon, if taken outside of the NFS series, is a bad game. However, it carries the NFS title, and as such, there’s certain things that one should expect (namely, lots of wide open tracks at extreme high speeds, hence the ‘need for speed’). Unfortunately, both Underground titles weakened the name, favoring street racing though, while fast, isn’t the same type of racing that previous NFS titles had. Most Wanted got back a good amount of the old flavor while still keeping some aspects of street racing, and to me was much more a NFS title than Carbon.

    So it’s not that Carbon’s bad, it’s just that it’s not what I’ve come to expect of a NFS game.

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