Final Fantasy XII ~5hrs

Well, I’m liking the combat system a bit more, once you unlock the Gambits aspect.  That’s the part that seems to let the game play itself, but in reality, it’s how you set your other party members to act in a highly customized manner to respond to various conditions.  Each has a target (some you start with, but you have to collect other types), and an action (which is any action the character can do).  So, early one, having one character having one Gambit set to cast Cure on any ally who’s hit points are less than 50%, for example, and the second to attack the closest enemy, but as your characters grow and gain more Gambit spots (through the License grid), I can see this being an awesome way to basically take care of the usual “boring” details in battle so that you can have your main character focus on strong attacks.

I am disappointed at the lack of ability to switch the camera control access.  It’s opposite from how I like it, and it is sort of annoying to have to readjust after playing nearly every other full 3D game where I play the camera in the opposite direction.

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