Guitar Hero 2 – Initial Impressions

Guitar Hero 2 LogoGotten through the first two sets on Medium with Guitar Hero 2.  I think the difficulty is slightly higher than the first game, at least through these sets ; the 4th key is used a lot more often than the early Medium songs in the first game.

 The practice mode is a great addition to the game – both with learning the main licks, but also with the rhythm and bass lines on some of the songs.   The backgrounds on the game also look a lot better, though the main action hasn’t changed one bit, which is just fine.

Watch for a lot of subtle humor.  When you complete 3 of the first 4 songs in a set, you get to do the encore (5th song) of the set.  For the Spinal Tap entry, the loading screen warns you that whenever you perform an encore, you never just jam.

Definitely no question that this game continues on the excellence of the first.

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