Final Fantasy XII – (Very) Initial Impressions

So I finally got to get around to my FFXII copy (the Collectors case which comes in a nice tin container as opposed to plastic keepcase).  I’ve only got maybe an hour into it, but I can definitely see this more like FF 1 through 6  than more recent ones from the plot – it’s like a swords-and-sorcery world but still with technology to allow airships and the like.   Actually, it’s really more based directly on Tactics Advance, including the major races and the feel of Arabian archtechiture as well.

The combat system I’m not too fond of, yet, but that’s through the tutorial sections.  On the other hand, I’m rather excited about the skills/customization approach.  Like FFX, you have to gain ‘licenses’ to use certain items and skills; these are located on an irregular chessboard, and with enough ability points you can unlock any skill next to a skill you’ve already unlocked.  The board for the first main character is quite large (like 40×30 squares with maybe 20% of those missing), so I expect with other characters, they’ll be a lot of chance to take characters where you want.  And it seems to be not as linear as FFX was as well.

Graphics are better than FFX without being too grandiose.   I’m wondering how much in terms of voice overs and cutscenes there are since the game’s only on one disk.   We’ll need to see.

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